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You’re ready and excited to expand your understanding of both yoga and spirituality. You’re ready to commit yourself. You want a life of renewed vigour and a flowing centeredness. You want life and you want to be able to impart this life to others. Come to join our yoga India center. Gyan Yoga Breath is a government approved India Yoga center in Rishikesh, India. Gyan Yog Breath was established in 2008 by Swami Bipin Gyan and it provides 200 hours special India yoga and emotion unblocking treatment training. Gyan Yog Breath is a Yoga Alliance certified yoga training instituted in Rishikesh, India. The primary objective of our yoga teacher training courses is to provide an understanding of yoga and its related practices from basic to advanced level, in an easy and systematic way, including practice as well as theory. During your 200 hours, you’ll learn how to practice and teach Hatha, Ashtanga yoga, and Pranayama. Our teaching staff are true masters, both exemplifying and corrective; our classes are small and intimate so you’ll get plenty of individual attention. Make no mistake about this, it’s intense. But the benefits will last.

Our Class

200 Hours Yoga

200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training During your 200 hours, you’ll learn how to practice and teach

300 Hours Yoga

Our 300 Hours yoga teacher training course approved by Yoga Alliance US. It focus on maximum practice

500 Hours Yoga

Join our 500 Hours yoga teacher training program a complete yoga Teacher solution included reiki and emotional unblocking.

Emotional Unblocking

Emotional Unblocking Treatment Classes As we know, body and mind are closely connected.

Reiki Training

Reiki Special Training Classes Reiki is a Japanese technique and also Indian Seeker’s technique

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We love Gyan Yog Breath

  • I’ve travelled India a bunch of times and always loved it,but when I stopped in Rishikesh for the 200-hour TTC at Gyan Yog Breath,I felt like the famous.”spirituality of India” actually., became real to me. And It’s stunning.

    PHIL, 35


  • I took a yoga school at home last summer, but I wanted the real thing. There are fancier schools in Rishikesh with bigger buildings budgets (free t-shirts!), but what attracted me to Gyan Yog Breath was the focus on the spiritual life and the personal attention of the teacher. They honestly become like family to me. I feel like I was turned inside out, stretched every way imaginable(!) and sent back into the world more capable and centered with a true understanding of who I am, what I have to give, and why. Even now, Swami-ji always replies to my emails whenever I have any questions. Swami makes the Gyan Yog Breath is the best place to learn Yoga in India. They actually care!

    JO, 35


  • There are hundreds of yoga schools to choose from in Rishikesh, India and I don’t really know why I ended up at Gyan Yog Breath! Lucky I guess! The swami is hilarious and immediately put me at ease, and rests of the teaching staff seriously know their shit. They made me work hard! One of the things that really stand out from the other Indian yoga schools is the small classes and individual attention I got. It was the confidence-building that I really needed & it just grew day by day.

    Mati, 25


  • I didn’t know what I wanted when I arrived in India. Rishikesh was calling to me somehow, and I started to learn yoga at one of the Indian Yoga centers and fell in love with the life it began to me. When I met the swami at Gyan Yog Breath, I joined the class to learn more, but the whole process, meditation practices, and unblocking treatment opened up a whole new world. It’s a small place, where everyone is family, but so powerful. I learned so much during the yoga course and now teach yoga professionally, but the real change inside me is what I love the most. Come and see for yourself.

    ANKI MAT, 21


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