Bhu Namanasana – Asana Instructions, Benefits & Contra-Indications


Bhu Namanasana (spinal twist prostration pose)

To perform the Bhu Namanasana, also known as the spinal twist prostation pose in yoga, first, sit with the spine erect and the legs outstretched. Place the hands to the side of the right hip. Move the right hand slightly further behind the body with fingers pointing back slightly further behind the body with the fingers pointing backwards. Twist the trunk 90 degrees to the right, using the arms and shoulders as levers. Slowly bend the torso and bring the forehead to the floor. Close to the hand placed behind the body. The spine should be as straight as possible.try to keep both buttocks on the floor. Hold the final position for a short time, slowly raise and return to the starting position. Repeat the movement on the other side. This completes one round. Practise up to 5 rounds.

Breathing: Inhale while facing forward.

Retain the breath in while twisting.

Exhale while bending.

Retain the breath out in the final position or breathe

Normally if holding the asana for the same time.

Inhale while raising the trunk.

Exhale while recentring the body.

Awareness: Physical-on relaxation of the back and on the breath.

Spiritual –on the Manipura chakra.

Sequence: This asana should be practised after completing

A series of forwarding and backward bending asana. It also stretches the legs and spine when performed after long

Period of time sitting in a meditation posture. It is a Preparatory practice for more advanced twisting asana such as Ardh Matsyendrasana.

Contra-indications: People with back problems, peptic ulcer, hernia, hyperthyroidism, high blood pressure or heart problems should not practise this asana.

Benefits: This asana stretches the spine and the lower back, making the muscles supple and stimulating the nerves.

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