Not a Matter of Size – Your Yoga Teacher Training in India


Yoga has become a global term and trend. Millions of people post insights of their yogic journey on social media like Instagram or Facebook. While yoga is often displayed as a „sport“ for slim people, we would like to remind you that yoga shouldn’t be limited to physical appearance only.

In yoga, we do not identify with the body. It is not important how skinny or flexible you are. Anyone can do yoga, it’s not a matter of size.

It is important to recognize that you are perfect as you are already.

Joining a Yoga Teacher Training in India to learn about the source of yoga

Yes, there are dozens of yoga styles these days. From power yoga, over accro yoga to aerial yoga- even beer yoga. Unfortunately, the key essence of yoga is lost in most modern yoga styles.

During your Yoga Teacher Training in India, you get the opportunity to learn about the foundation: hatha yoga. Traditional yogic techniques, wisdom from the Patanjali yoga sutras and precise alignment are combined with modern teaching methodologies and props.

Learning the knows and whys behind each posture is necessary, but the philosophical aspects and history are of great importance, too.

Understanding that you are not your body or mind only, will help you to see the greater picture.

A Yoga Teacher Training in India offers you to dive deep into all branches of yoga and lets you explore the various dimensions of yourself.

Feeling lighter, happier and freer are the silent byproducts of completing such a Yoga Teacher Training in India.

Yoga is not a matter of size. Start from where you are at now and continue your practise (sadhana) steadily.

Gyan Yog Breath welcomes you to join their Yoga Teacher Training in India throughout the year.