5 ways to incorporate meditation in your yoga class


The benefits of meditation such as reducing stress, boosting happiness, improving the immune system are just a few of the many reasons why you should consider incorporating the practice into your classes as a yoga teacher. One thing you learn at a yoga teacher training is that practising the asanas prepares you for meditation. Here are a few tips on how you can roll out the practice in your class or studio.

How Can I stick to My Practice after A Yoga Teacher Training? 6 Simple Tricks

how to stick to your yoga practice

How Can I stick to My Practice after A Yoga Teacher Training? 6 Simple Tricks Have you completed a yoga teacher training recently and wonder how to stick to your practice, cope with your new knowledge and get started teaching? First of all, congratulations on taking this mile-stone and committing to a transformational journey within! […]

Yoga Teacher Training Indien – Was Sollte Ich Beachten?

Yoga Teacher Training Indien

Yoga Teacher Training Indien – Was Sollte Ich Beachten? Du suchst nach einem Yoga Teacher Training in Indien und möchtest wissen was du zu beachten hast? Dann hilft dir dieser Artikel bestimmt weiter. Ich habe selbst ein Yoga Teacher Training in Indien absolviert und möchte nun meine Erfahrungen mit dir teilen. Indien ist ein großes […]

Should You Take a Teacher Training To Deepen Your Practice?

Yoga Teacher Training India

Should You Take a Teacher Training To Deepen Your Practice? I remember, when I just landed at Dehradun airport, I was waiting for my transport to get to Gyan Yog Breath school, for my yoga teacher training. Sitting quietly on a bench, surrounded by impressive mountains, it was the perfect set-up for some reflection. I […]

6 Essentials You’ll Want to Bring to Your Yoga Teacher Training

300 Hour Online Yoga Teacher Training

6 Essentials You’ll want to bring to your Yoga Teacher Training Did you decide to go into your first yoga teacher training? How great! It is a very exciting journey and perhaps you feel a bit keyed up and clueless about packing up for this upcoming adventure, wondering what’s needed and what’s not. Let’s make […]

What’s a Yoga Teacher Training?


A Yoga Teacher Training is an intensive educational program which enables you to advance your yoga practice and obtain a great knowledge about the ancient science of yoga. Usually a yoga teacher training takes 12 to 60 days and covers 100 to 500 Hours of total training hours. If you are curious about what you will learn, how to apply and where to go, read the next lines.

3 Reasons Why You Should Join a Yoga Teacher Training in India

yoga teacher training in india

Nowadays, everyone seems to be stressed and exhausted in this fast-paced modern world. It’s great to see how far we have developed in terms of economy, technology and so on. Yet, we seem to miss the point when it comes to our own well-being, relaxation and both mental and physical health. I come from a background, where I used to work 70 hour weeks, have night shifts, skip meals and feel constant anxiety, pressure and stress.

How Yoga Can Help You With Losing Excess Weight

reducing excesss body weight by yoga

HOW YOGA CAN HELP YOU WITH LOSING EXCESS BODY WEIGHT (OBESITY) My name is Miriam and I battled with my bodyweight since I was a teenager. I don’t think I ever got to the point of technically being obese, but at some point, I was 40 pounds heavier than I am today, so you can […]