Student Behavior 

  • Every student is requested to fill the registration formalities and submit the course fee before starting of the course.
  • Every student has to inform about any physical or mental health issue before booking the course including injuries, pregnancy and diseases.
  • Every student must follow the dress code. You are requested to cover your shoulders and knees at any time. It is not allowed to wear bikinis, belly-free tops or shorts.
  • All students are instructed to come to the class at least 5 minutes before class start.
  • Students are requested not to join any other educational or hobby programs during their course with Gyan Yog Breath.
  • The use of any intoxicant (such as alcohol, drugs, smoking) is strictly forbidden and will not be tolerated inside the Ashram.
  • Every student is requested to strictly follow the dietary rules as mentioned by teachers (no meat, no fish, no eggs).
  • Every student is requested to follow the ashram rules as mentioned by the teachers.
  • Any kind of misbehavior with another student or teacher will be firmly assumed as breaking the code of conduct of the institution.
  • All teachers and staff have to be treated friendly and respectfully at any time.
  • The exams at the end of the course are obligatory to join in order to receive the final certification.
  • Every student must attend all classes (except in case of illness). If a student reaches an overall attendance of less than 95%, he or she won’t be certified.
  • The Yoga Hall is a sacred place. It is not allowed to practice any other hobby inside.
  • Gyan Yog Breath does not take any responsibility for any kind of injury during the stay.
  • Mind the instructor’s safety guidelines and listen to your own body.
  • After 9:30 PM students are requested to take rest inside their rooms.
  • The Standard booking fee includes “shared accommodation”. Shared accommodation means sharing a double bed with the same sex.


Fee Related

  • Every student needs to pay ($200) an online registration fee to register a seat. The fee is non-refundable in any case. If you want to join the course at a later time, you can use the deposit within 1 year.


Images/Video/ Other Resource

  • Gyan Yog Breath is authorized to use group or classrooms photo/video for web promotion
  • During the class, students are not allowed to take pictures or record videos.
  • Phones and cameras are not allowed inside the yoga hall.
  • The course material and other confidential information cannot be shared outside.


All the above listed rules must be followed by every student at any time during the whole stay of the course. If the teachers or staff of Gyan Yog Breath observes any violation of the Terms of Conditions, the student has to leave the course immediately without any refund.